Profile picture of Brenda Lucía Fernández Andres, standing straight and smiling, with a white background behind.
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I'm Brenda!

I am a UX/UI Designer with strong interest in interaction design and web accessibility.

My educational and professional journey began in Graphic Design, primarily in the editorial design field. Like many other designers, during the last years, I have shifted towards digital design, studying Web Design (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) along with UX Design and After Effects courses. This allowed me to evolve into and work as a UX/UI Designer, a profession I am passionate about, and where I seek to grow day by day.

Whenever I use an app, I try to think about how I would have improved it if I had been part of the Product Design team that created it. I try to identify what needs the digital product is solving for me as a user, as well as which pain points are not being covered, and what functionalities it would be good to develop.

I feel joy knowing that I can help developing digital products barrier-free, ensuring that users do not feel discriminated against or frustrated due to technological limitations.

Cut out of a sheet of white graph paper, used as a background for a note
Paper tape, brownish vintage style, being used to simulate gluing note paper.

I consider myself a cheerful, collaborative, and responsible individual, eager to learn from my colleagues and the daily tasks to continue growing professionally. Detail-oriented, pixel-perfect, I give my best in everything I do.

I am passionate about illustrated books for children (and adults too). Although I am professionally dedicated to the design of digital products, in my free time I illustrate, and I dream of one day being able to develop a digital product that innovates the industry of illustrated books for children. In this way, being able to merge my two passions, UX/UI Design and illustration. I have always liked the collage technique, and although I work with it digitally, I try not to lose the analog essence.

Feel free to get in contact with me if you think I could be a good fit in your team. Hope you have a nice day! 👋